Sunday, August 8, 2010

African Keyhole Style Garden, Vegetables, Copper tools, and Bio Char

Here's the description from the YouTube post, which explains it all:The Aftrican Keyhole garden is a very simple and effective way to grow vegetables in a small amount of space, nothing is hard to reach which makes planting and weeding simple, great for Kids and the elderley. the central compost bin acts as a source of food and water, like a biogenic battery,

I had a zero budget this year for my garden so I used recycled building rubble for the stones and an old unused compost bin, I just layed newspaper on the grass, applied some garden compost, added Bio char and some old tin cans, another layer of newspaper and then a layer of garden compost, the only material I bought was a few growbags to top up the soil and seeds.

Detailed instructions, support packs, etc about this are available from this African charity website:

Dear fellow youtubers

"Send a Cow works alongside some of the poorest people in the world to help them create brighter futures.

This year, we will help almost 16,000 families on their journey out of poverty. And because our farmers are encouraged to share the help and support they receive, they'll go on to lend a hand to an average of 10 further families, creating a ripple of hope across communities in rural Africa.

It's a special benefit to our work which really sets us apart.

If you'd like to know more about Send a Cow, why not find out what makes us different? If you're already convinced, then we'd love you to support our work Or if you'd just like have some fun, play our muck hurling Kersplat game

Thanks for reading this. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

The Send a Cow team"

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  1. I wanted to try a keyhole garden in my community garden. I have a space for this growing season only and wanted to max my space and out put. Instead, I tried the bag gardens also from the send a cow site. It was my first time trying it and my first time gardening in this area of the continent, so I am interested in others' experiences.


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