Monday, March 26, 2012

Biochar: Nature's Fertiliser

"Bio-char is the carbon structure of a plant after all of the other elements have been removed. Bio-char permanently stores the carbon in a beneficial way, in the ground, making it carbon-negative. Bio-char acts as a hotel for soil microbes. This can be used to enhance soil quality even in the poorest of soils, without using dangerous and expensive chemical fertilizers.

When mixed in with the soil, it has the double impact of permanently sequestering large amounts of CO
² and improving soil quality, so as to dramatically increase the crop yields and the income that results from sale of the excess produce. Bio-char as a permanent fertilizer has been known to double plant growth. This increases the yields and profitability per square foot. The habitual use of bio-char leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing economic prosperity from year to year, using land resources currently viewed as "unproductive." ...

Making and using bio-char was a tool the ancient Amazon natives used to convert infertile soil into soil that produced in abundance.

This is a simple way to help solve hunger worldwide, through creating local food abundance. Anyone can do it, once you learn how."

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