Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taino Permaculture Farm - Los Brazos, Dominican Republic

Watch the construction of raised beds at the Taino Permaculture Farm in Los Brazos, Dominican Republic.

Farming in the tropics can eat up the organic matter in the soil very quickly. Watch how the permaculture team at Taino overcome this with the various ingredients in their raised beds.

Three wheelbarrows full of horse manure, with composted down wood chips. To each of their raised garden beds. Because their soil is quite high in clay content, they added sand. It also helps for water retention. Coconut husk for water retention and organic matter. Half a bucket of bat guana to each garden bed along with a whole bucket of sheep manure. This allows for 6 months straight gardening.

Areas that don't experience such hot weather would benefit from these ingredients in the their beds, but wouldn't require such regularity with renewal.

Bat guana is very high in nitrogen, and outside the tropics would be difficult to obtain, so chicken manure could be used in place. Chicken manure is so concentrated that soaking in water for 3 weeks would be advised to break it down - stirring every couple of days.

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