Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Geoff Lawton - We Are The Weeds

Geoff Lawton "Tells it How It Is" and talks about the Jordan Project.
For more information about Geoff and his work you can visit www.permaculture.org.au

POST EDIT: I'm afraid this video has been marked as "Private" and I can't show it on this site, however you can still view it on YouTube. This is a recommended message from Geoff Lawton, so please, do follow this link and hear this idea:


  1. what happened to open source?! why is this video private? i find this ironically rude...

  2. Thanks for the alert here, Anonymous. I've updated the link so you can enjoy this message from our friend Geoff Lawton.

  3. Seems I can't show this video on this site. Never mind - you can still watch it at YouTube. I've edited the post with the link. Enjoy!


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