Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Non-Conventional Homes

This is a 30 short film showcasing some truly stunning homes, using natural building materials that are not only low maintenance but are built from sustainable sources and much more energy efficient. Their insulation qualities are far superior to homes built from conventional materials.
If you're looking at inspiration to get your ideas going for a home you'd like to build, watch this. A home should be as much a product of your own imagination as the contents it houses. As one comment from the film states:
"In a time, with a much stronger individual consciousness; it is even more important that [the individual consciousness], is somehow reflected in the buildings, and the spaces in which we live in. It may be through art, or the way we design, or the way we build; but if we just use the materials or whatever is on the shelf,  we kind of limit ourselves to that;  and I think that these homes, they show that you can do so much more.
It's letting our own creativity be a part of this whole process, and that in the end, it becomes a true reflection of ourselves."

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