Sunday, April 1, 2012

Recycled Bottle - Bird Feeder for Compost Nitrogen or Fertiliser

1. Make four small holes in a plastic bottle. Don't forget to make them perpendicular to each other.
2. Feed through the wooden spoons.
3. Slightly enlarge the holes that open up to the "bowl" end of the spoons so the seeds "feed" out.
4. Fill bottle with bird seed.
5. Hang above a container to collect bird poo.
6. Use bird poo in compost or as a fertiliser.

Bird poo is rich in nitrogen and phosphate, essential ingredients for leaf and stem growth.


  1. Wouldn't feeding the birds with seeds demotivate them from properly controlling potential garden or farm pests ?

  2. I think this is a great way to attract birds to your garden. Birds' diet is diverse. I think if they saw an insect their instincts would tell them to stop with the grain and chase after that insect!

    1. I agree, birds eat a variety of things and will continue to search for that variety. This is a great feeder idea.

  3. Often in the past when I've feed birds, I always found that like people, they pick through what they don't like, as in the case of millet and sorghum seeds. Most of those seeds would be scattered on the ground and Sunflower and Thistle seeds favoured.

    The other problem I had is that I would get weeds of sorghum growing. I think however if I had more quail and Doves that would have eliminated that problem. I actually did have them, but those birds prefered some distance from the house. Now here in Sweden I mostly feed with Thistle or Sunflower oil seeds.

    But great idea for those bottles those. Make sure it's a stout plastic one, as the newer cheapy bottles don't hold up over here. They practically crush in your hands here when you lossen the cap.

  4. Bad!
    It puts estrogen like chemicals into the bird food.
    Similar issue with the sprinkler.


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