Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gardening Tips: How to Plant Tiny Flower Seeds

Attracting beneficial insects to the garden brings many favourable outcomes, and with the Northern Hemisphere entering into Summer soon, this is the perfect to to prepare. Predatory insects like Lady Beetles, Lacewings, Dragonflies and the Praying mantis are a formidable force for natural pest control, while pollinating insect like bees and native bees help fruiting plants provide you with food for the table.

Many flowering plants that don't necessarily produce food for the gardener are as welcome in the garden as those that nourish and medicate. Not only do flowers serve as a functional member of the processes within the mini-ecosystem, but they also a bring an element of beauty, which is holds therapeutic properties for all those living in and around the garden.

Many flowering plants have minuscule seeds which many gardeners would love to grow, but struggle to find the best way to sew. Bernadette Fox has produced a short, concise video to illustrate her success in the area.

Credit to Bernadette's Garden.

From her YouTube video description:
Some flowers and shrubs begin their life as a very tiny seed, so tiny in fact that they are practically just dust. Have you wondered how in the world do you plant such tiny seeds? In this video I'll show you step by step on how I sow tiny seeds such as foxglove, coral bells (heuchera), agastache, begonia, rhododendron, hydrangea, delphinium, primrose, and the list goes on. This is just a quick little video that I hope will give you the insight to grow those sometimes difficult dust-like seeds. Happy gardening! by Bernadette Fox.

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Music by: Josh Woodward "Adventures of the Death Dreamer"

Rose Mosaic Intro by Paul Klep (

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Disclaimer: All video, editing, and audio were done by Bernadette Fox with the exception of the music which has been licensed to her via Creative Commons.

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