Monday, May 5, 2014

Permaculture Paradise: Edgewood Gardens Permaculture Project

Geoff Lawton has always included that permaculture as a "Design Imperative" system in his introduction. This video from Dennis Decker of shows how the team at the Edgewood Gardens Permaculture Project (Florida, USA) have taken their keen observation of the area and using it to re-design the land with that knowledge. They have successfully transformed the area into a rich, resourceful permaculture system.

The team at Edgewood Gardens have really gone all out with some permaculture ideas - from utilising the natural therapeutic properties of pioneer plants, and eventually using them as chop and drop mulch, to breaking up soil and providing organic material using plants with strong root systems, like the daikon radish.

Multiplicity is key. Creating systems of polyculture promotes harmony and balance of life. The system the they have built here attracts pollinators and beneficial predatory insects, creating an ecosystem that seeks to find order within itself. "So we won't have to spray pesticides", says Dennis, "and we don't have to fertilise, either - because we've added all this fertility in and we're building it in through the plants that we're bringing into the system".

Source: Permaculture Paradise: Edgewood Gardens Fruit Trees Planting - Part 1


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