Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tree Grafting with a Cleft Graft

Tree grafting to those who've never looked into it seems like a magical thing; a complex skill beyond the capability of those who haven't studied horticulture or born with "green fingers". This video is shows how straight-forward it really is, and you'll be wanting to go out and do it immediately! Imagine the fruit trees you could have growing around your home...!!

YouTube Source: Grafting Local Apriot Scion Wood onto Rootstock with a Cleft Graft

From permacultureVOICES's YouTube video description:
Cory Krell chair of the North County San Diego CRFG Chapter grafts up a local apricot variety onto some St. Julian 'A' rootstock using a cleft graft. The goal of this project was to distribute a few varieties of apricots to CRFG members that we know perform well in our area, but are not commercially available. The trees will be scattered throughout San Diego county in a variety of climate zones.
Periodically we will collect data on these trees to see which varieties perform better than others in any given area. The project preserved and spread out the genetic material for some rare varieties and injected 100 trees into the communities providing food for people and wildlife, shade, and something pretty to look at. All of the grafting was done in front of the members as a learning demonstration. Members were able to learn as several long time grafters used a variety of grafting techniques.
For more info on our chapter you can visit:

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