Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amazing Companion Planting Guide

This A3 color version of the companion planting chart is a useful wall chart for schools, NGOs and avid gardeners. It explain plants which are supportive or antagonistic when planted together, and includes a simple check list of insect repelant plants for various types of pests.

Click Here to download the PDF poster (or click on the image above)

This poster is made available by the IDEP Foundation ( They have some amazing media to download to inspire all. Be sure to check it out and make the most of a great resource.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve added it to my list of “Gardening Charts for Australia”.

  2. Does anyone have this pdf saved that they can share? The link is no longer valid and I'm having trouble finding the doc online. It looks like to great of a resource to give up on yet!

  3. I was at my local library in Vancouver, BC and they had this chart on display for a local garden (Brewery Creek Community Garden - I immediately went online to find the chart but had the same problem with downloading :-( Then I found the way...

    To obtain the chart online you can google search 'companion planting chart'. Then click on the 'Quick View' for the fourth google search result '[PDF] Companion Planting Chart.indd' Then go to file at the top left of the webpage that comes up. Here you can download original, save to google docs, etc.

    Enjoy nature!


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