Monday, July 12, 2010

Walking Softly With Koa - Part 1 of 4

More and more I'm starting to think that the word 'survival' is a Western concept. All cultures the West refers to as indigenous don't see their existence as survival, it's living, and enjoying their habitat. I think we should consider this and understand that we are all of the Earth. We should remember that. Survival is something that happens when an animal lives despite having no idea how to prevail. If the time is put into understanding the natural environment around us, we can enjoy a natural existence and call it life.Here's a video from an inspiring chap known simply as Koa. He says: Thrive and survive in the Australian bush. For Koa his lifestyle is a quest for the kind of freedom a wallaby has, knowledge to provide for yourself in the Australian bush drawing on a lifetime of living close to nature. Koa thakes the viewer on a journey of self empowerement, 60 minutes of valuable information on how to thrive and survive in the Australian Bush, Koa runs Bush tucker and natural living skills workshops and markets his handmade musical instruments and baskets all over Australia.
You can watch:
Part 2 here
Part 3 here
Part 4 here

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