Monday, July 12, 2010

Permaculture at Humble Garden: Using Chickens to Trim Public Spaces

As Bill Mollison said: Get chickens out of battery cages and factories, and back into the garden where they can work for you! Here's the description that came with the video on YouTube:
We dont have a lawn per se but open space that is shady and is an extremely prolific grower of plantain plants.

I dont like them to grow too large because snakes hide in them and this is where my kids run and play. Its my hope use the chickens in a controlled manner to begin to outcompete the
plantains by over grazing and replanting with something less snake-harboring. The snakes have plenty of other habitats around here!

I will have to take a hoe to the remaining roots of the plantains once the chickens have eaten them.

Stay tuned!
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