Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Audiobook - Bill Mollison's Funding the Revolution

Download Bill Mollison's audiobook free, and be inspired. There really is a way to finance our way to sustainable living, and Bill Mollison sheds just a few ideas that we can implement. Not only that, his ideas provide new ways of thinking about money and why we don't need to rely on corporations to pay for a path to contentment and genuine happiness.
His alternative approach to finance is just the beginning - you will undoubtedly be sprouting your own ideas after listening to this.

It seems the link I provided in the past has been removed (possibly a copyright breach). After searching the interwebs I can only find one page that provides the audio, but requires purchasing:

The entire audio has been made freely available by download via torrent technology, however providing links to acquire torrent files and discussions on legal issues connected to such activities lie outside the scope of this blog.

Despite this, the abovementioned page does provide some samples of the session, which I recommend listening to at least.

Track 12: Ethical Businessmen (2:39, 2.2Mb)

Track 18: Information and Technology (1:22, 1.15Mb)

Track 20: How long do we have? (1:19, 1.11Mb)


  1. the 09 file seems to be corrupt.

  2. Any chance you could re-up the file?


    1. Thanks for alerting me to this issue, Timothy. I have updated this post with further information that may assist you. I hope it helps.


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