Thursday, March 21, 2013

Free Geoff Lawton Permaculture Videos

The team at Flashtoons are rolling out a series of free videos from Geoff Lawton. The first video is about how Geoff Lawton got started in Permaculture and how he used it to transform his burnt out farm to abundance and what a little permaculture knowledge can do for you. This first video has been a terrific hit and has had thousands of views and over 1,800 comments.

The response has been truly phenomenal. See what you've been missing.

The second video in the series looks at broader farmland and how to identify good quality land using Permaculture techniques to redesign the landscape back into abundance, to get it to work for you naturally. Geoff visits a number of poorly designed farms that are not functioning properly and explains ways you can harvest rainfall and store that runoff in a series of small ponds to rehydrate and nourish the land back to fertility. This information is not commonly taught in college or university. People pay thousands of dollars to learn this technique, but its your free. So make sure you watch this video. Its very good.

The third video looks at the small urban space and at an amazing suburban backyard and how many vegetables, fruit and medicinal herbs can generated if the design is done right. 

Please note you need to register your email as not all videos were up at time of posting of this trailer. We'll email you when the next series of videos are up. Don't worry, you won't get spammed and you can unsubscribe safely any time you like.

Each video is over 30 to 45 minutes long. When you signup, please leave a comment. Any questions you have should be directed to Geoff Lawton on his website, not here on YouTube.

So get along to Geoff's website: and sign up for this remarkably exciting opportunity!

Sourced from Flashtoons

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