Monday, March 25, 2013

Space-Smart: Trellis Arch Between Raised Beds

Got raised beds with a path in between? Use curved steel mesh with each side in the closest sides of two beds to act as a trellis for vine plants, like beans and make a tunel over the path. Beans are ideal to grow in the garden as they are leguminous, which means they fix nitrogen from the air into the soil, which directly benefit neighbouring, nitrogen-hungry plants like cabbages and other leafy plants. If you decide to go with beans, plant the bean into the soil, give it a generous watering, then don't water it again until it peeps its shoot out of the soil. You can prevent the rain from watering it, or manually water nearby plants until the shoot appears by covering it with a bottle cut in half.

With thanks to Michael Lancaster


  1. Nice idea! One question about watering the beans though, why should we only water it once until they sprout ? What effects would more watering have ? Any more info on that (or a link) would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I believe it to be because bean seedlings are prone to rot. If the soil is particularly dry, then giving them a little water to get through is okay.


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