Friday, March 1, 2013

The Seven Seeds Permaculture Farm Keyline Irrigation Tour

An absolutely fascinating tour of the Seven Seeds Farm's keyline irrigation system. A very well thought out video showing how their design maximises the beneficial use of water resources of a piece of land. Keyline irrigation refers to a specific topographic feature linked to water flow; a design system that integrates keen observation of the land's shape and how the water runs with it.

Permaculture seed wizard Don Tipping takes us on a 10 minute animated tour of the epic Seven Seeds Farm in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon, USA. The farm was designed using Permaculture Principles and Keyline patterning. We follow the water system from top to bottom, and then the amazing downstream effects are revealed. This video was produced by Andrew Millison as part of the course content for his online Permaculture Design Course and Advanced Design Practicum, taught through the Horticulture department at Oregon State University.

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  1. Did these people have to get permits for the ponds and swales? I've been researching Oregon as a place to do permaculture, and they seem to have strict laws preventing water collection/diversion. How was that addressed by these farmers?


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