Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reuse: The Humble Bread Tag

That's two things you don't need to throw away!

Quickly identify which cords are what, and a simple way to keep two or more cords together.

Use the bulldog clips for easy access to device plugs, use the bread tags to prevent them falling through.

Stick the bread tag on the end of sticky-tape before putting it back in the drawer. You'll thank yourself the next time you use it.

A bread tag used for cord storage makes more sense than those annoying twisty-tie things.

The bread tag: A simple key identifying solution.

And these ideas don't go astray either:
1. For those times when you can't find a guitar pick to save your life, a bread tab does the trick.

2. Collect different colored tabs and use them as poker chips.

3. Readers' comments on several blogs suggest using the tabs as scrapers when washing pots and pans and even for scraping gunk off stovetops and counters.

4. Hook a tab on items at your next garage sale instead of using costly self-adhesive labels that leave a sticky residue, to mark prices.
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