Thursday, July 14, 2011

ABC's Gardening Australia - Backyard Permaculture

From the YouTube Description:This was uploaded from Bob Tuskins old google video account due to the fact that google is now shutting down google videos.

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Presenter Josh Byrne flies from Perth to join Gardening Australia host Peter Cundall in his beautiful garden in northern Tasmania, where they exchange ideas about their different gardening techniques, on Saturday February 19 at 6.30pm.
Tonight's program also looks at how Josh set up a permaculture garden in his suburban backyard in Perth.
With infectious enthusiasm and easy-to-follow advice, he takes us from the planning stage, through the many steps in establishing a more sustainable garden, including building a chook shed and run, planting a garden on the nature strip and even establishing a wetlands area.
Permaculture is a practical 'thinking globally, acting locally' approach to gardening. It finds creative solutions to living a more sustainable life by growing local organic food, reducing energy consumption, recycling waste and creating habitat for birds and other animals.

Production Details

Gardening Australia is an ABC TV production. The executive producer is Tim Mitchell.

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