Saturday, July 9, 2011

Organic Pest Control

Organic pest control - Natural bug and insect repellents

When it comes to insects in your garden, it's a bug eat bug world, so don't panic. Most bugs are good for garden. But how to control the those who don't do your garden any favours without chemicals? Here's great advice from Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening magazine.

This is an interesting video, but it's not exactly Permaculture. Masanobu Fukuoka was all about having nature do the work for you. Geoff Lawton from the Permaculture Institute of Australia says that if you have a slug problem, you really have a duck deficiency. Let nature do your work. Interesting video though....


  1. Interesting blog on organic pest control ...
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  2. Using the traditional methods of poison, not only pollutes your garden system, but also kills off many, if not all, the beneficial insects.

  3. Organic pest control also is more progressive and result oriented, and eliminates even the biggest infestations.

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  5. Nice post. Organic pest control brisbane is very helpful in eliminating the strength of insects.

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