Saturday, July 23, 2011

Build A Rocket Stove - Step-By-Step

Build a Rocket Stove Step-by-Step. Building a rocket stove is quick and easy. You will need one #10 can and four small cans (soup, corn, beans, etc.). Seeing how to build a rocket stove is much easier then explaining the process in writing. I recommend watching the video and commenting if you have any questions. This is a great alternative heat source and cooking option for camping, emergency preparedness and to cook your food storage on. If you can cook it on a stove you can cook it on a rocket stove.


  1. Gathering the materials to try making one. How do you start the circle cut outs?

  2. I'd probably use a tin-snips (example here: Make a hole first then cut in a spiral to get larger and larger to keep it precise. Forgive the wait on the reply to your query :/


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