Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upside Down Tomato Planter

Not sure about the bleach, but the idea is great!

Learn how to make your own upside down tomato planter. Can also be used for peppers/capsicum, cucumber, and some squash.


  1. Bleach breaks down quickly and harmlessly, especially when greatly diluted with water like that. No worries.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. I did a little research and found that bleach (of the sodium hypochlorite variety, aka NaClO, or chlorine bleach) can break down into salt, water and oxygen, but if bleach is dumped into an organic-chemical environment such as soil, it can break down by chlorinating the organic compounds, which can make undesirable pollutants such as trichloramines.
    Once diluted in the environment in that form,
    it can take unknown years for a given Chlorine atom to be
    - freed as HCl
    - then neutralized by some alkaline minerals in the ground (maybe carbonates)
    - then finally become NaCl.

    My strongest feelings is that one should just use diluted white vinegar, or even boiling water.

    More comments or suggestions are invited.


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